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 Attention!! Are written to the puppies from a lovely couple:


You can request on our website by clicking on the "I WANT A PUPPY BOUVIER!"
We are waiting for you! :)


We offer you the Bouvier des Flandres puppies! All of our puppies, regardless of their level (the show, breed, pet class) receive full consulting support on all issues, including the growing, raising a puppy, veterinary care, preparation for exhibitions, professional shows and exhibition planning easy schedule, selection of vendors and help in the sale of puppies. Our friendly team owners combined boundless love for these wonderful dogs, and all our efforts are focused on the development of the breed. We always have puppies for sale. Quality, exterior, stable psyche, the extraordinary beauty - a brand kennel HIT ALIVET, as evidenced by victories, titles and sports achievements of our dogs! We are proud to be a Bouvier prefixed Hit Alivet easily recognizable in the exhibitions. And if you are just going to have a Bouvier, then join us and we will guide you from a small puppy to a champion!