Love for all life 

Forgive me, the owners of other wonderful breeds and purebred dogs. They are all beautiful in their own way. But for me, Bouvier - the best and I'll be happy if someone reading these lines, make your choice and do not regret it.
The very name of the breed suggests that the homeland Bouvier - Flanders province of Belgium, which was a natural border with France. In the formation of species involved, as the Belgians and French, therefore, a Bouvier can rightly be considered a Franco-Belgian breed. Previously, Flanders was the area of ??intensive farming, and the Flemings brought this breed, which had a need. It combined three types of dogs - herding, guarding and hunting. Since life at the time was presenting to the dogs are very stringent requirements (sick, weak, ill-working, aggressive towards the owner and his cattle specimens had no right to exist), the selection of physical health and mental stability were essential, not on the exterior pay any attention. They were quite large, intimidating type dog, covered with stiff, klokastoy wool to protect them in any weather. Strong and fearless, loyal to his master, they were able to do any work. Grazed and livestock over long distances, to transport cargo in trucks, worked in the creamery, guarding the farm. Bouvier tenderly treated the children, and, often, the hostess, doing housework, put small children in a basket of puppies under the supervision of nursing females. More than one generation of Belgian farmers learned to walk holding on to the coat Bouvier. These dogs were so indispensable that were part of the dowry of brides. Always have a good dog owner, in the court, had the right to enter the house. As a result of this was provided in close contact with the owner and his family, formed by the unique character of the Bouvier, who admire us, and to this day.
Enormous damage to the rock caused the war. As in the first and second world wars Bouvier used along with the horses to transport military cargo and wounded. They were the Blasters and signalers, medics and guides. Most of the cattle died, but at the cost of incredible efforts of breeders saved the best specimens. The breed began to revive with the best. And today, a Bouvier can be considered one of the healthiest breeds. In the world population is very high percentage of dogs of excellent quality. This was facilitated by the fact that the breed has never been trendy for it was impossible to make a lot of money, which shielded it from the favorites. Mainly engaged in cultivation of professionals, clearly representing your goals and objectives, and the puppies got to people seeking to buy a toy is not fashionable, but certain qualities of the dog. In the canine literature 50's - 60's you could read about the unique qualities of the Bouvier workers, but on the exterior of said modestly that only fans of the breed is considered her beautiful. In the 70 years Bouvier become popular in the Netherlands. Not without saying that if the Dutch touch to dry stump - it will blossom. As a result of the Dutch breeders of dogs there, which combined excellent working quality, excellent health and looks terrific. They have improved the world's population and were the ancestors of many famous lines in Europe and America. Leave no one indifferent Bouvier good breeding. Today you can admire the dog in the ring at the most prestigious exhibition, and tomorrow to see it the same in sports. For the title of champion of the working diploma is required. Look at how the Bouvier - it's beautiful! Bouvier des Flandres FCI classification refers to a group of herding dogs, but this breed can be considered universal. There is no such area, where would could not be used Bouvier. It sports a variety of sports and military-type training, housing and protection, rescue operations, including on the water, guide the blind, police officers, bodyguards, gentle nurse for children, companions, circus and cinema. But this breed of Goods and improved with such love is not to sit on a chain or wander alone in the cage. In dogs, which had the same fate, you will not see the true Bouvier, this proud look, dignity and strength. Purpose Bouvier - to be with the owner. One of the main qualities of this wonderful breed is that never, under any circumstances, the dog did not allow himself to aggression towards the owner. It will take you at once and forever.
Choosing a puppy.
The Belgians say: "Kindly select Bouvier - else will do it for you." Indeed, to have a dog, "without problems" need to make some work. First of all, learn as much as possible about the breed, learn the standard population in your town, in a country in the world. Talk to breeders who are not interested in selling the puppies, visit the exhibition, ask the opinion of experienced experts. Above all, do not rush and do not use unverified information. When choosing a manufacturer look at how dogs are. In the "dog game" is no exception to the rule - if the bitch does not get a decent content, and it will not have puppies. You must be sure that by the time your baby was selling everything should get a puppy of his age. It is necessary to see the makings of a strong, fearless, well-balanced dog with a powerful chest and a broad, straight-backed, three-dimensional skull and a short loin, moderately angulated hindquarters, thick, "stuffed" with hair. The puppy should always walk with tail aloft. The position of the tail - is the next character. Bouvier among dogs - a leader, not an aggressor in people - a friend and partner, but not whiny slave. But it's better if you're going for a puppy, take along a trusted person who knows a lot about the breed.
Cultivation and Education.
Small Bouvier first come to your home as if born here. This is a dog with no complexes. He will not demand greater attention, but his desire to always be there, just to follow on the heels of the owner, should not be tolerated - it is in the blood. Attempts to lock or tie puppy undesirable affect on his psyche. In the future, you can easily teach his team to "place" and it will stay there as long as necessary. To bring the joy of a puppy, you need to tighten and make some sacrifices. Ideal if you are able to devote their vacation. The floors in the house if they are slippery and should be laid out to paw shaped correctly. Bouvier growing need good, balanced feed and supplements to strengthen the collagen bundles. Bouvier - is "kachok" puppy is rapidly gaining muscle, ligaments to keep up with her. It is necessary to prepare a place where the baby will be doing his "business affairs". Very easy to use car mats with borders, laid by the newspapers. How dare this problem - it depends on you. Follow the puppy everywhere and capture the moment. A maximum of two days of attention - and there is no problem. After the vaccination, he quickly gets used to the street.

If you value your shoes and furniture in the house, declare "a state of emergency." All footwear is removed, legs, and corners of furniture pieces of cardboard are closed. Sprinkle around the home toys and special bones of the extruded cores. All attention should be directed to the fact that the puppy has never received an undesirable experience for you. Each right thing always encouraged. Bouvier very quickly understand what is and what is not. And if your dog has soiled in the house and property damages - punish yourself, not her. If your plans are not included in training of serious training and visits to exhibitions, you can teach your pet various tricks. But give it a primary education, at least a course of "Managed Municipal Dog", you have to. Bouvier is focused on the protection of the owner, his family and property, this instinct is very strong, the dog is in extreme situations tend to be proactive, so socialize and train it to be very tender age. You should pay particular attention to the behavior of dogs, a Bouvier. He is very sociable, friendly and relaxed, but it tends to lead. By 7-8 months he will be stronger than many larger teenagers try to "play muscles" and to older dogs, especially if it's male. At this point it is important to keep your pet communicate with aggressive dogs, do not pass this line, delete the brawl. In general, the Bouvier dog calm and balanced, conscious, and demonstrates its superiority. He first did not rush into the fray, will never kill or hurt the weak, but if he is attacked - there will be no debt. Ideally, the puppy will handle the calm mannered dogs. This will facilitate and further training.
The ability to repeat a senior, Bouvier founded in genetics. Previously, farmers raised Bouvier - a teenager in a couple of well-trained, experienced dog and he said, repeating her actions, quickly trained to work with the herd. Bouvier - a workaholic, he does everything with gusto, "smile" is easy. Young Bouvier, especially if it is male, can be a stubborn, but with the right training is built quickly. When training is required generous incentives. Never hit your dog! It's useless. Do not shout, use only the tone of voice. The most rigid kind of correction - jerk the leash. On the walk home and talk with the puppy, the voice of the actions and objects. And very soon you will notice that interact with the dog on a human level. Bouvier "late-" dog, fully formed, to 3 years. Throughout his life, and Bouvier refers to centenarians, they remain active and playful, require considerable physical exertion and high-grade walks. Bouvier is suitable for street and house contents, but if the dog is found on the street, it should have the right to enter the house. The apartment Bouvier leaves no hair, no smell. Grooming is not difficult, but requires the system. An adult Bouvier has a hard, dense, wavy hair from neck to feet. This is a prescribed standard. Number of wool should be sufficient to protect it from cold temperatures. It should be dry, not oily and shiny. Even if this type of wool is given a dog by nature, then for it still must be properly looked after. Comb to comb with a few teeth regularly, at least once a week. Otherwise, the matted hair. Twice a year, guard hairs trimmed. If the dog is often set, you can use the so-called rolling (podschip). The first trimming must be carried out in 4-5 months to remove the soft puppy coat and allow the growth of a rigid spine. The undercoat is not trimmed and combed gradually, naturally. By combing the puppy learns from the first days of life in your home. It is important that this procedure is brought to your baby only positive emotions, whereas, in the future, he will take it with pleasure. The breed requires a special haircut. At first glance, it should be clear that before you Bouvier then something dies inside. After cutting a dog, even remotely, should not resemble a black terrier or a Giant Schnauzer. So in preparation for the exhibition should contact a professional webmaster who has experience with the Bouvier. No makeup except for a wirehaired dog shampoo is unacceptable. Wash your dog is not often, as the contamination of wool. Try to keep the dog was "smart" is not only at the show, but also on ordinary days. Type of dog can tell a lot about its owner.
The nature and type for the main Bouvier. Almost square, stocky body should be combined with beautiful movements. But apart from this very important energy dog ??at the sight of some dogs feel the heat, why this is so - it's hard to explain. These dogs may have disadvantages, because there are no perfect dogs, but they do radiate nobility, always alert, ready to serve, proud and independent, honest and reliable. We would like all owners Bouvier were worthy of their dogs.
Nadejda Sterlikova