We have puppies!!!!

 In our kennel were born three wonderful girls!
By purchasing our puppy, you gain a loyal friend, a reliable defender and a future champion! We will help you grow a decent dog, will assist in the education, training, advise on feeding, exhibitions, etc.
Puppies waiting for the new homes!
мать: HIT ALIVET MA FIERTE                                       отец: 

Do not tell where the tail, where the nose -
Fluffy fur dog overgrown,
But call me - and no question,
Here is a black nose, that's a gray tail!

Such a wonderful, funny puppy
Warmth and joy pad,
Funny, mischievous twinkle,
Love of charge at your feet.

Buveshi-crumbs waiting so you -
Fire burns puppy dog ​​eyes,
No need extra long phrases!
Call, we have puppies!!