September 2010. And we are pleased to inform you that in our kennel had another litter of puppies Bouvier des Flandres!! 

Mother: HIT ALIVET MA FIERTE                                   Father: WAR THUNDER HIT ALIVET



Autumn miracle!
Soul cries of joy, of happiness.
And the rustle of autumn leaves.
Indeed, in September, the autumn clear,
In the light of the glorious thirteen were robust fellow!
Thirteen small Buvenka,
Funny and sweet babies.
And we want to wish them only
Caring parents soon!
Now need to go through life,
Holding the tube Buviny tail.
The mainstay of the family and be a friend,
To save them from harm, from adversity!
Grow up kid does not know sorrow,
Let the party you will be trouble,
Let the angel that Ivetochkoy called,
Train up a child in the Star Trek!
Grow and grow stronger, gaining wisdom through life quickly.
And soon you'll be the kid believe, Grand Bouvier des Flandres!