Our dogs


I believe the experts, professional breeders and just dog owners will appreciate our work. I am grateful to Nadezhda Sterlikova for what is around me, the dog of my dreams - Nadja-Dustie vd Vanenblikhoeve (beautiful Nadia), the most outstanding representative of this breed, Rowan-Toos vd Vanenblikhoeve (ducky Ronya) beautiful dog, a true friend, and certainly our children, who we give to life. For you, our dogs - with love.



Europe Champion


Nadja - Dustie v. d. Vanenblikhoeve


Vice-champion of Europe 2005

Rowan - Toos v. d. Vanenblikhoeve


Europe Champion

Hit Alivet Bessame Mucho


Junior Champion of Europe


War Brainy Beauty Hit Alivet

World Champion

Hit Alivet Trulli


Junior World Champion


Hit Alivet El Tesoro